Thursday, November 28, 2013

What can a ghost be thankful for on Thanksgiving?

As everyone who lives in America during the 21st century as is the century I have chosen to rest my bones for a spell, today is Thanksgiving Day and in order to fit in which I so try to do, I am supposed to reflect on what I'm thankful for.  In France where I was born, we didn't have Thanksgiving. It's an American thing.  I understand why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving but why this cranberry mess in a can?  And why would you ruin a good meal of sweet potatoes by throwing brown sugar and marshmallows on it?  Americans could learn an awful lot from the French, but I digress.

Henri wants to tell 21st century mortals what he's thankful for so let me begin by saying it's a long list so I'll just condense it into a 1-10 list.  Here goes and not in any particular order and I know you can't wait to read this:

  1. 21st century American juene filles.   Young ladies put Henri's ectoplasm on fire.
  2. Coors Lite.  I know I know, I won't any points for this one but hey this is my list just keep this info to yourself.
  3. The ability to express myself without everyone running around yelling, "Ghost!"
  4. Doritos.
  5. Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost if the damn edits would hurry up.
  6. Ezra, Brianna, Brooke, Shiolah, Jerilynn, Peggy - the Spirit Seekers.  And I can't leave out Finella.  And, of course, Monsier Rodger Hawthorne, for without him, we wouldn't have been able to go on such an exciting ghost hunt. 
  7. My on again off again girlfriend, Juicy (long story there).
  8. Boo and even his angry wife, Maxine, who makes life as a ghost interesting.
  9. Maxine's dog for letting us stay in his dog house when Maxine is on a rampage.
  10. My readers who believe that just because you're a ghost, it doesn't mean you can't live on.

So there's my self-sacrificing list.  What I did leave out, though, and is very important to Henri, is YOU.  Without YOU, there would be no one coming to see what Henri is up to!

Happy Thanksgiving 21st century friends and leave the cranberry mess in the can alone!

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