The Book's Backstory

If you want to believe what the mortals are saying about the backstory of Romancing the Million $$$ Ghost, you can read it here.

If you want to know the real backstory, Henri is about to tell you like it really happened.  Read theirs first so that you'll know where I'm going with this.

So, I'm sitting in Boo's dog house one fine October morning.  I give you the month just so you can stay on track but in ghostie land, there is no mention of time.  What takes mortals years to do, we can do it in a split second but for the sake of the story, let's just say it was October as that is officially the month the book begins.  How appropriate right?  What's a ghostie book doing set at Christmas?  Sheesh.  These mortals are so unimaginative.  I happen to like Christmas.

So I'm sitting in the dog house with Boo because he's hiding out from Maxine, his wife, because he was out late at night drinking at the Boo Drop Inn until all hours of the morning and Maxine doesn't like him doing that.  I'm trying to console him and tell him that everything will be okay despite the fact I've got Boo's dog sniffing at my crotch and humping my leg.  I think this is a first. Threesome in a dog house.  Oh, la la.

It wasn't too much longer after that that my ectoplasm level starts to heat up and I start getting tingly.  Boo knows what that means and is shaking his head making me feel like he knows exactly what I'm about to say next.  So I tell him there's a ghost hunt brewing up with the Spirit Seekers.  Now, the Spirit Seekers are a group of women who can see, hear or feel spirits.  My kind of women.  And it is because of that fact that they can see me, only you find out more about that as the book gets along.  I could tell Ezra Ann was calling to me or thinking about me or maybe it was the fact she was restocking her fridge with Coors Lite but away I went in a flash.

What. A. Ride.  I've taken a vow of secrecy so I can't tell you too much more than that, but the ending will blow you away.  

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