Thursday, November 21, 2013

Afterlife is another stage of 'life'

I want to begin this blog post by telling everyone how happy Henri is to be where he is.  As you know, I am not of mortal flesh anymore; but instead I have morphed into something completely beautiful and had it not been for my death, I would have never known how beautiful.  The thing is there are a lot of mortals who don't believe in ghosts and I can understand where they're coming from.  They don't want to be frightened or maybe it even goes against their religion and Henri has much respect for that.  But, there are questions.  Lots of questions about dying, the afterlife, do we die and that's it, do we go to heaven or hell?

Henri has decided to give mortals a chance to hear it from the real McCoy.  That's a phrase I learned when hanging around 21st century mortals.  What it means is the real thing.  Don't believe in me, that's okay.  But maybe after you get to know me, you'll understand I know quite a bit and it is my mission to help mortals through this.

So I read about a really nice school teacher in Tennessee who asked her friends on Facebook about the afterlife.  I personally love Tennessee. I have lots of friends there.  One of them played jokes on Shiolah when she went there on vacation but she was a good sport and instead of running, she made friends with her.  It was a her, btw. 

BTW, the school teacher's name is Crystal.  Crystal writes "I was thinking of my dad and grandma while walking out of school.  I know there are angels and I know once you pass away your body is gone and your spirit goes either to Heaven or Hell, but do you think our loved ones look down on us?  Heaven is a place filled with nothing but joy, so if they look down they may not see joyous things.  I'm so confused on this...thoughts?"

For one thing, Crystal, if you were thinking of both at the same time when you were walking out of school, it not only meant they were looking down at you, but they were looking straight at you for they were right there.  That's how ghosts communicate with their loved ones.  You are right.  There are angels.  Angels, spirit guides, messengers - yes they are here.  More so than you realize because you never know where one is because you usually can't see them.  I say usually because there are some angels who can materialize for a few minutes and do good acts, then poof, they're gone.  You've heard about them I'm sure.  They're looked upon as strangers, but they're really not.  As for the spirit going to Heaven or Hell, there are many realms.  If you are destined to go to Heaven, you must start at the bottom and work your way up by earning points if you didn't go into the light first go around.  Mortals might call them brownie points but to us, they are sacred.  You don't earn your points unless you do things exactly as they are to be done.  I almost didn't get my points because of three reasons - one, my fondness for Coors Lite, I had sex with a mortal (actually you call it sex, it's more to it once you get on my realm which makes it better than anything you have ever experienced) and I helped a few young ladies find a ghost when they were supposed to do it themselves.  I really almost didn't get my points for that last one especially but my spirit guide, Esop, explained that in the end, I triumphed so whatever I did had to be pretty good, huh?  More on that at another time, but back to why you thought of your dad and your grandma.  There is a real reason and it's not just to say howdy.  They are really busy on their realm but when their loved ones are in distress, they are right there.  So what you need to do is figure out why. 

What you also need to remember is that while Heaven is a joyous place and the most beautiful place in the Universe, your loved ones' mission is to look after you.  It's all part of it.  When you pass over, you'll do the same.  There's no need to worry they will be missing out on anything.

I hope that helped Crystal and others who question the afterlife.  After all, "afterlife" is another stage of "life."

Does anyone else have a question for Henri?


  1. It's nice to have some inside information Henri. I'm glad that my mom will be around watching over me.

  2. Merci tres beaucoup, Madam Melissa!